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Highlights and news of the year, I know, I'm not on top of things, oh well.
10-28-04     Happy Halloween!
10-10-04     So, I am really thinking about starting a blog.  My co-worker does it, and I think it might be a little fun to get some thoughts out to the world, especially since there is a lot going on lately in my life, and no one to share it with.  I have an interview with Qualcomm tomorrow that I am nervous about.  I have put in my 2 years experience in tech support, and this is my first try for a career job.  A place I can really see myself for a long time.


June, July, where did the time go?
5-2-04  Spent almost all day long on the bay with a few friends.  BBQ, bonfire, a couple cruises on the water in the boat, you know, the finer things in life.
5-3-04  So I finally got internet at my house again, no more going to work early to check email or work on my homework.  So I spent the evening with a friend setting up a wireless network, and getting every thing updated and protected.  I will be on all the time now!
5-8-04  Started the new part time job, fun stuff.  I do miss working the bar scene sometimes, but you do the things you need to, more than you want to sometimes.
5-15-04  The Overland 122 is a 5 man, 24 hour, 122 mile relay race from Borrego Springs to Oceanside California, through the desert, over the mountains, and to the ocean.  A few of us from work ran it this weekend, and I am still hurting.  Maybe I will be in good enough shape for a triathlon coming up, crazy thought.
5-18-04  Oh how the Shine brings out the drinkers in us all!  Monica is leaving for Ecuador for a few months, and we all just had to go out.

3-01-04  So for the first time in my life, I am living alone!  No more being told to; "Pick up your stuff", "Change the channel, I want to watch Gilmore Girls and then One Tree Hill", or "Who's beer is that in the fridge".  It's my beer and the Simpson's are on 24/7!

3-04-04 & 3-07-04  Happy Birthday Zak and Steve!

3-18-04     Gotta love these!           The sun sets in Ocean Beach so nicely!

3-27-04  Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me!


2-02-04     So I wake up in the morning to find this, now I can understand a good drunken night out on the town as much as the next guy, but this is a little far!

2-15-04     I made it back from freezing ass Denver CO.  I forgot what 5 degrees felt like living here in San Diego.

2-16-04     Ah... drinking out back at the stick, good times!

1-04-04     My roommates new ring.  Here, or Here!

12-02-03     So, this week, what's new, hmmm.  Made my plans for Christmas, I'll be going down to Mexico for a couple days of taco's and tequila.  That'll put you in the spirit.  I'm still trying to decide what to do for New Year's though.

12-05-03     My friend who wants to go golfing but never calls had this on his web site and it was pretty funny.  Click Here.  So did I just plagiarize or what?

12-11-03     Here are a few links you might enjoy; Watch the entire thing!  Here are some great short films.

11-04-03     Here is a link to the pictures from the Camp Pendleton mud run we did last month!

11-04-03     More Matrix previews:  Control and Give Anything and click here to download the song being played during the closing credits.

11-05-03     Click here for the summary But, umm my opinion!

11-10-03     Saw the movie "Scary Movie 3".  It was funny, but wait for the video.  I'm trying to find someone to go see "Kill Bill" with, but everyone seems to have seen it all ready.
11-11-03     Ricochet exec dodges dire rumors, Chief says wireless ISP is 'evaluating options'.  Is Ricochet really in trouble?
11-18-03     Saw the movie "Mystic River".  It was an over all good movie with great actors.  I suggest seeing it, but you could wait until it hits video, nothing gained by seeing it in the theater.
11-19-03     Happy Birthday AJ!

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