I'm a Matrix fan. I've loved every Matrix movie that's come out. Highly entertaining, wildly energetic, and beautifully played out. The Agent Smith fight scene had amazing visuals that stood independent of the special effects. The story continues the Reloaded twist, without throwing any unsuspected curve balls into the mix.
If you're a Matrix fan, of course you'll see it, and I recommend you do.
Neo wakes up inside a section between the Machine word and the "Real" world, called the train station. His body is still lying in sick bay and he shows brain activity like someone jacked in, but they search the Matrix and can't find him. He meets a "family" of AI who were making sacrifices to save their "daughter".
They are doing it because they love, and Neo learns that programs can have the same connection as humans do that they call love.
There's some real connecting done in the train station that provides the basis for the hope of peace between the machines and the humans.
Morpheus and Trinity are summoned by the Oracle, who has a new body, it's later implied that frenchie (the Marovingian? sp?) forced her to.
They meet with her, she tells them where Neo is, and take her body guard kung foo guy with them to find the train driver, to rescue Neo.
They find him and give a short chase, but he gets away. He goes and picks up the family at the train station, and tells Neo he doesn't get to go.
Neo acts like he doesn't want to throw the guy a beating, but the train guy tells Neo how he built this place and he's god there, and apparently he is, and Neo gets a good stomach punch into the wall from him. Neo's stuck, and Morpheus, Trinity and kung foo body guard guy don't know what to do. Kungo foo joe recommends going back to the Oracle, and Trinity says why, we konw what to do. They go beat their way into the techno S&M club where the Marovingian hangs, and negotiate a trade. He wants the Oracles eyes for Neo's release.
Trinity gets impatient and they crack some skulls, and she ends pulling off an awesome catch of a mid air Berretta and putting it firmly in the Marovingian's forehead.
She negotiates a new deal, and it cuts to them rescuing Neo from train station. Meanwhile the physical world agent smith has woken up, and "doesn't remember anything".
Commander tough recommends the doctor give him something to help, and it's back inside the Matrix where they're rushing to get out, when Neo says he has to see the Oracle. He meets her, they talk. He asks some good questions, the gist is she chose to help them out, and is taking some big risks because she wants what Neo wants, peace. Then on to Neo getting unjacked from the Matrix. Quick note, when did they jack him in?
He was in the Matrix from the train station, where he arrived when he used his powers outside the Matrix. They ask Neo some questions but he says he needs some time, and retires to his crappy little room to think. Occasionally there are flashes of him thinking and crazy electrical lines all over, and then the recurring theme of the 3 power lines running off into the mountains.
After they question human agent smith, they meet and decide to head back to Zion.
Neo comes in and tells them he knows what he has to do. He has to take a ship and go to the machine city, commander tough thinks he's crazy, and tells him no way he's getting his ship. Naiobi lets Neo have her ship, which just needed a jump start after they found her and her crew. Back to sick bay, the medic chick goes to give
the agent smith guy a shot, he asks what its for, she says to help him remember, he says what if he don't wanna remember, what if he did the EMP blast, he'd be scared, which means he doesn't want the shot, so she should be scared, then he stabs her with a scalpel, and she promptly dies. He takes off. Captain tough guys ship is going to be piloted by Naiobi through some really tight holes so they can sneak past the sentinals to get back to Zion, and Neo and Trinity, who insisted on going with Neo, are going to the machine city. So the Naiobi piloted ship heads out, after a lil they find out the doc chick is dead, and search for agent smith guy and he's gone.
So they don't turn back because if he killed them he's got an EMP and could kill them all, so Neo and Trin are on their own. PS, she's called Trin now by Neo. So Neo and Trin go to take off, and the ship won't start, Trinity goes to check the fuses, and gets accosted by agent smith, who still has his scalpel, and unplugged one of the extremely large fuses to lure Neo down there. So Trin gives him some nice cuts on his face with her boot and uses the intercom to warn Neo. Neo comes down carrying a blaster gun to find Trinity is hostage of agent smith dude.
He puts down the gun on threats agent smith dude will cut Trinities throat. Agent smith dude drops Trin down the hole to the fuse room, and closes the hatch, and starts fighting with Neo. Trinity falls and it shows her hands are bound. Then it pans up to show some glass from her recent fight on the floor.
Agent smith dude and Neo fight, and it's quite unimpressive compared to in Matrix fighting. Some shots are fired from the lightning gun and wires are cut. Agent Smith uses one of the wires to blind Neo by burning the entire region around both his eyes. Trin pulls the fuse for the lights in the room above her, and Smith moves the fight on elsewhere. Neo follows the sounds of his voice slowly, while being taunted.
Finally Agent Smith picks up a rather large lug wrench and lures Neo closer. When he swings, Neo ducks and gives him the business, it shows the glowing agent smith as seen by Neo, and Neo picks up the wrench and knocks his digital/glowing head off. He gets Trin, they make jokes, start the ship, and head for computer city.
Some scenes with the preparations for war down in Zion, the kid Neo saved is joining up, even though he's only 16. Naiobi sneaks the ship close to the sentinals, and, while flying on minimal power so they can't detect her, she scrapes the bottom. The sentinals hear and give chase. She starts some awesome flying through the tiny pipes with an amazing backwards ship flip.
Neo and Trinity reach the surface and head Neo can see the machines clearly as glowing light, like he saw Smith earlier. He sees the three power lines and they head that way. Meanwhile the big drills break through into the landing bay, and all kinds of fighting as sentinals swarm in. Naiobi and company fight sentinals and keep flying down, pulling off all kinds of D6 maneuvers. (car wars ref.). Neo and Trin head toward some mountains and the defenses of the machine city come to life, and are quite impressive.
They head straight into them, and Neo does the hold the hand out machines exploded everywhere trick for a while. Finally he realizes he can't do it, and they decide to fly over the defenses, because what defenses can't you just fly over in a hovercraft? They break through the crazy gray cloud storm where the sentinals that were attached to them get electrocuted, and the shoot up into the clear blue sky.
Trin comments on the beauty of the situation as their ship peaks, and begins to fall since the power has failed (apparently the same storm clouds that did in the sentinals.) They begin to fall right into the machine city, luckily none of the defenses followed them... They get the hovercraft to start just in time to crash into a building. Neo wakes up, find Trinity, and they talk. Neo senses something is wrong when Trinity tells him she can't go on. He feels her body and the camera pans down to the 6 or 7 giant metal tenacles sticking out of her torso.
She's history. They talk and she says how the last time she died she said she was sorry, and she wished she could have a second crack at a last line so it was something like kiss me. Neo climbs out of some tunnel, and little machines start following him. Meanwhile Zion is getting a royal beating by the machines, and all the big gun guys are pretty much dead. They're tracking Naiobi's ship and need gate 13 open fast! But the controls are jammed. They call the closest battle bot and tell him what to do, he orders a reload, and out to reload him is the kid Neo saved who joined up. He's reloading when the last sentinals rushed in and kill him. He tells the kid that gate 13 needs to be opened ASAP.
The kid heads over to the gate. Naiobi gets closer, notices the gate is closed. The kid is attacked by a lone sentinal, and saved by the one dudes wife, what's her face, who also joined up. He opens the gate, the ship crash lands, and busts out it EMP. Destroying every sentinal and machine around, including all their defenses. Naiobi, Morpheus, and the other captain tough guy are greeted by Command Lott who's pissed the shot their EMP, cuz now the machines should just run in and 0wn them. Naiobi's bummed he didn't ask how they were doing, I bet Morpheus would be nicer to her, and treat her right.
They start preparations for another wave, when the wave comes through the newly opened gate 13. They fall back, and blow up the tunnel from the landing bay to the main city area. Neo walks to the edge of an opening, and the giant face comes up. They talk, Neo tells him that Smith is out of control, and only Neo can stop him. The face wants to know what Neo wants, and Neo response "peace", oh the humanity. Neo promptly gets jacked into the Matrix and greets Smith. Smith has ruined the Matrix, it rains all the time apparently, and everyone is Smith. Smith tells Neo that the others are going to stay out of this because he's seen the end and he wins. They fight. Amazing stuff in this fight, tons of cool special effects, and way cool lighting. They're up 10,000 feet and Smith drives Neo all the way down, and straight into the ground. The other smiths walk up to see into the crater made, and Neo looks unconscious. Smith continually taunts Neo, and asks him why get up, why fight? He responds, because he chooses to. In the end Smith thrusts his hand into Neo and changes Neo into Smith.
Neo has tricked him, and does the same light crack bust out he did in the first Matrix. Then all the Smiths do it. The final scene is the Oracle sitting on a park bench, and the Architect walking up to her. He tells her it was a very dangerous game she played, and wonders how long the peace will last. She says "as long as it can". Some notes, the Oracle is the reason that things ended differently this time than the other versions of the Matrix, she chose to help the people more so they'd have a chance. When Neo killed Agent Smith the first time he unbalanced the equation and Agent Smith came back as Anti-Neo to balance it again. The only thing that I'm disappointed in is the lack of explanation for Neo's outside the Matrix use of powers, although he does continue to use them full force.