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     Wow, how time fly's when you have an energetic 3 year old around!  This past year seems like a blur with everything.  Madelin will be turning 3 on April 11th and we have a big trip planned for her.  Danielle and I are taking her to Disney Land for 3 days, then down to San Diego for Sea World and a birthday party.  She had started going to daycare last month for the first time at a woman's house with 3 other kids, but will be going to a group daycare where she can get more social interaction and with older kids.  She is calling it the big kids school.
     We have a new little kitty named Lucy, she is a Tuxedo breed and so playful.  We got her for Christmas from the shelter to keep Sam and Madelin entertained.


6/30/07  The Zrelak`s family tree!  The password is "zrelak" fyi.

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